About Us

Congratulations, for moving up the echelons and buying your ‘new’ used car. Why a used car? Hey it’s in great condition, the price is amazing, my parents are proud, my fiancé can’t stop gushing and my colleagues at work are pissed off. Life is good…

The used car market in India has us awestruck with variety, type and size and is a smorgasbord of options. Yes, cars can be reused and owned several times over, but there are caveats. This second or third hand love of your life that dazzled you could be hiding a history of flaws that could leave you dumbfounded or completely broke. That veneer of beauty could slowly reveal an ancient hag with an insatiable desire for other men, in this case... mechanics.

Our goal and primary concern is to save you the blushes and expose these hidden anomalies that your car may have. Far from being a wet blanket on your decision to buy a used car, we are here to guide and safeguard the purchase. With our extensive knowledge of practiced fraud by used car dealers to jettison faulty vehicles, we are committed to teach you how to buy a used car

Why are we different from the many online car portals and used car shopping sites that offer the same “Honest Car Advice” listing of cars and prices? Well, we are the only Car Portal that offers the most exhaustive visual guides on how to crack the best deal and what to look for under the hood. Yes, a library of videos that will blow your mind and destroy the schemes of the slime ball that wants to palm off a faulty car. YOU will be empowered to make minute observations that will save you money and sleep without the intervention of a professional mechanic who comes at a cost and may also have vested interests. The videos are concise, zero in on prevalent faults and aim at guiding you to make judgments without a tool in your hands. The content covers a plethora of faults and all the dodgy tricks used by car dealers worldwide to con buyers.

Moreover our videos will help you understand how your car works and provide clear, simple explanations of the various systems that make up the modern, ever evolving & complicated automobile. You will also be able to identify symptoms before they wipe that smile off your face. It will help you know the type of repairs you may need and help you not get ripped off by your local garage shop or even a company authorized service station. For all you know one fine day we will teach you how to fix your own car. Yeah, we know we are going to get a lot of people pissed. So be it.

To give you an idea of the enormity of our library of videos, we have launched with 40 with another 200 ready to be updated periodically, to allow you to absorb facts at regular intervals. When you are done with these 240, we will have another 240. And then more. The site will be updated at regular intervals to give you the buyer an absolute upper hand to safeguard your purchase. We will give you the best tips to buy a used car.

We are excited to be unique in our endeavor to bust these unscrupulous dealers and make sure you come up trumps. Hold on to your seat belts (if they are working), as we take you on an informative and eye opening ride like never before!

We want to make damn sure that when it strikes twelve, you will still be in your car and not a pumpkin…