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Airbag over Bodybag

How often has your mother intervened to save you from a definite beating from a raging dad? Well the airbag in an automobile is exactly that, the most important safety device/ buffer ever invented. 

 In India where cars in the days gone by were very primal, safety was just another word. Airbags could have just been your shopping bag from Amarsons or your beer belly. However as time has gone by, the modern day Indian auto is shipped with airbags BUT, is on offer only on the top variants. Instead of being mandatory on all models, they are mistakenly… a luxury.

 With urban populations being obsessed with gadgets of all sizes, a safety feature figures last on their list of priorities. A top notch stereo system, security and video devices are far more appealing than a hidden pair of bags, that may never deploy in your cars near future. This leads most Indians to opt for a lower variant, one without airbags. 

 When it comes to USED CARS the canny dealers are interested in making a sale without any other agenda, period. They will invariably hard sell you on a variant that doesn’t have airbags and insist that it’s the only feature missing amidst all the other bells and whistles.

 OK , understand this…how do you ( suddenly safety conscious person of the year ) know for a fact that the airbags installed are active ones or in the worse case scenario even installed. Do you assume that the ‘SRS AIRBAGS’ embossed panel and steering wheel are indications of the truth? 

 How will you on your weekly expressway speed test with your family ever know about the validity of this most important feature?
 Ever thought about this in all seriousness? 

 That’s where we come in, as TEAM TWG we are committed to letting every single used car buyer know about what exactly lies behind those panels. We advise you to buy a variant with airbags, without a second thought, as the price differential in the used car market is minimal. 

 Check out our Airbag Menu and get a breakdown of everything you need to know about airbags and keeping them active and extending your life span. 
Airbags over body bags.