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Run into any potholes lately?

Face it, we all love a smooth ride. From the spring bed to the water mattress, inventors have strived for human comfort for eons. This penchant for comfort was extended to automobiles running on indifferent roads and the first suspension systems were born. 

William Brush in 1904 developed the modern day suspension system as we know it, individual coil springs on each of the front wheels that were mounted on a hickory axle. A major move away from the primitive leaf spring that was popular and cheap. Evolution has included hydraulics, electronic control systems and a host of patents that have kept our car rides memorable and our lunches safe in our stomachs. 

No other place known to man can test a car like India can. We have regular pit stops without a support crew and pot hole ridden roads that can double as hill stations. Who needs expensive test facilities for the perfect suspension…come to India. 

Needless to say we NEED a robust suspension to ensure a safe and comfortable drive and as has been established…especially in our country. Besides the obvious ‘comfort’ that suspensions offer they are a necessity for the safety of the passengers. By the physics of their construction they ensure that the tyres stay in contact with the road at all times, helps in the consistent handling and braking of the vehicle. This in turn prevents uneven tyre and brake wear ensuring long term comfort and safety. 

What’s the best suspension system for Indian roads? Has it been developed yet? How do I check and verify whether the car I’m buying has a working and capable suspension? How do I do this without expert intervention? 

We at The Wheel Gurus have answers to all your questions with our videos that will end all the suspense about suspensions. Check out the Suspension menu.